North Korea Bombing

North Korea has recently attacked Yeonpyeong, an island property of South Korea. This attack took the life of military soldiers, but no civilians. The attack was done because the island lies in the border of property between both countries. I think it is sad how human beings are selfish. These political leaders are risking human lives just for some property. What drives them to do this? Is it just the land? I don’t think so. I think men like North Korea’s leader are just hungry for power. He is a dictator, wanting to rule the world. He’s just starting out with South Korea, but I believe he could be craving world power. Some people believe this attack could be the start of World War 3. While I think this might be true, I do not think it will be sometime soon. I think this attack was just an example of North Korea’s leader trying to show off to the world what he is capable of. These attacks and wars sadden me because political leaders are destroying the world. All I can imagine for the world’s future is destruction. First, nuclear bombs are powerful; they destroy and affect areas for year. There are many ways they can affect us: instant destruction and long-lasting effects (like cancer). Recently, North Korea has claimed they have advanced in nuclear science. This is just a small sign of the horror that could await the world in the future. We are destroying ourselves due to hatred and hunger for power.



Latest Reads

These are my latest reads. There’s a bit of a change in what I’ve read lately.

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

The sequel to Hush, Hush. I liked it. There was a lot of suspense. I liked how many of the mysteries from the first book are solved. But there’s still a lot going on in the series. The ending was a huge cliffhanger. The thing is, the villain in the end– I don’t believe he would do harm to Nora.



The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

I was intrigued by this book’s synopsis. It’s about a girl who remembers a past life and past love. When I started reading it, I was a bit disappointed. It started out extremely slow. At about 200 pages, it finally got good. But the rest of the story was amazing!! It was a thrilling mystery! I wanted to know more until I got to the end. It was a really great story.

P.S. I love the Ouroboros symbol. Hehe.


Tweet Heart by Elizabeth Rudnick

A book written in tweets, blogs and emails. What can I say? It was really cute and a fast read. I really liked Will’s character. Other than that, there’s not really much to it. It’s a story of miscommunication and misunderstandings. It was cute, but that was pretty much it.



Belle by Cameron Dokey

Another fairytale retelling. I must mention that Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale. I’ve always loved it. I had never read a retelling of it, but I decided to give it a try. I felt like the pacing was off. There was a lot of boring scenes in the beginning. I wish the author would have given more time to Belle with the beast instead of dedicating it to her family before the whole encounter. I just didn’t feel like it was believable. But it was still a cute read.


I thought I’d share my profile on Tonos music school.


“Tonos”. That’s a word I’ve been hearing a lot lately. “I’m going to Tonos”, “You’re going to Tonos?”. I’ve been hearing these phrases since about 3 years ago. My brother decided to join this music school around that time. Even though I’ve been to their concerts, I have never stepped inside the school called Tonos. This school is dedicated to teach students in various areas of the arts. It is a safe place where kids and teens can develop their skills in the various areas that they are interested in and inspire them to do well in life. Even though its location is very near to me, I had never been to Tonos.

This music school is located in the center of my hometown—Moca. I’ve decided to finally step foot inside this place and see what it’s all about. As I enter the building, the first thing I notice is a classic piano to my left. I’m not even inside the school yet and I already see something music related. This building has many offices, unrelated to the school. They are mostly obsolete but one of them catches my eye. It’s full of instruments and music equipment.  A couple of steps later I see a music shop to my left. This is where most of the students get their supplies. I think it’s a great idea for it to be near, as it is convenient. Next to it, I finally find the school.

The door has “Tonos” written on it. It’s a clear display so you can see inside of the place. There are many papers in the glass, advertising classes or concerts. I can see the small lobby and the people inside. As I enter, I see a young man sitting behind a desk. He is typing on his computer until he hears the bell chime. He looks at me and greets me, “Welcome to Tonos”. A young woman sitting at the sofa looks up from her guitar and smiles. I feel a very artistic vibe already, everyone around has an instrument or something music-related.

There are many papers on the walls, some of them certificates and awards; others advertisements or warnings about making silence during classes. “Our mission is to help students develop in the area of arts so that they can achieve their goals”, says the owner. I can see this as I walk into a small meeting/resting room filled with students and teachers. They’re lying around, yet some of them are still playing or singing. I can feel their dedication, as they are still practicing when they don’t have to.

“I’ve always been interested in the area of arts, and I wanted to contribute in helping students be an important part of the community”, answered Roberto Ferrer when asked why he opened such a school. Most of Tonos students go on to become members of bands, or go to music programs in college. They are working hard to achieve an artistic goal in life. I find it inspiring that this place is helping kids make good decisions in their life.

I get to the first classroom and I notice it’s a small one; it has a piano and a music stand. On the wall there’s a classic guitar instruction poster. “We make concerts, talent shows, and other art related activities. We’re always trying to give back to the community with our music. We help out with benefic concerts for good causes”, says Ferrer while I’m moving along the halls. I have been to their concerts. They have helped out in building churches and helping schools from my hometown. Their concerts have been successful and also help the kids perform in front of a public. I, for one, am proud of what they’re doing; they’re helping our community while getting the talent out there at the same time.

“Our classes consist of acting, dancing, drawing, singing, guitar (classic and electric), cuatro, piano, saxophone, clarinet, violin, cello, and many other instruments”, Ferrer says as I hear an angelic voice coming from ahead in the hallway. I can’t tell where exactly it is coming from. I have never heard such a beautiful voice so close to me. I wish to know whose voice I am hearing. I open one of the doors and a young lady is teaching guitar to a girl. The classroom is cozy, but has guitars, stands, and a computer. There are many music related posters on the walls; I can see violins and guitars among them. This is not where the angelic voice comes from, but I can sense their talent while the teacher and girl are performing.

“Our vision is to create the feeling that art is still alive in our culture. We want to show this through our students”, says Roberto. I enter the next room and there’s a keyboard sitting at a table. I can see a classic piano ahead and stacks of books of different piano levels. This place is inspiring; it makes me want to grab one of the pianos and start playing. Alas, I do not play any instrument.

“Our students are very satisfied with our services because other than help them develop their talent, we help them find something positive to do in their free time”, says Roberto as I near the last classroom in the hallway. I can hear the angelical voice inside singing a beautiful song I have never heard. I greet the young woman, complimenting her beautiful singing. She says thanks and blushes, embarrassed by the compliment. She proceeds to teach a young girl who arrives shortly after I do. This last classroom has a piano; there are many related posters on the wall. There are also many books on piano around.

I go back to the meeting room and now the students are performing a song together. They look very enthusiastic and involved in the song. I want to feel this passionate about something; playing just for the fun of it, bringing joy to others. I finally get to the lobby where some of the staff are. I say thanks for everything; they’re happy to have someone like me here. I exit the school and as I leave the building, I glance back at the classic piano on the hallway. I think to myself, maybe I’ll take piano classes someday. And I know I can because of Tonos music school.


I got animated!

I just wanted to share this funny video on Bush’s memoir. It’s done by a really awesome Taiwanese company called Next Media Animation. I won a contest and got featured in this video! I got to move Bush’s memoir from the Biography section the the Crime one at a bookstore! I’m a fictional activist! 😛

I recently read an article about a particular book titled “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct” by Philip R. Greaves II being available for sale at Amazon. I am shocked that my favorite online bookseller is allowing such a disgusting piece of work to be sold. This self-published book is a type of guide on pedophilia. It’s a book that defends such a disgusting thing. The most disturbing part is, people are concerned with this book being sold. They have complained to Amazon and they won’t take it down. Apparently, it’s not illegal to write about illegal things. I get that, if you’re writing some type of research. But this book is supporting pedophilia. I don’t think this should be allowed! I’d also like to know who this wicked man is writing such a disturbing thing. He’s probably a pedophile himself. Even if that’s a penname, I’d like for that man to be investigated. People like these (cover-ups) are the ones endangering kids in our society. I’m just appalled that I can go to Amazon and this book is being sold. Amazon should take action and remove it immediately. Yes, there is free expression in this country. But there should be a limit on what is said. Disturbing things like pedophilia should NOT be encouraged, especially by a book. I sure hope the books gets pulled off. There’s something creepy of it still being sold. I can just imagine pedophiles getting their hands on it

Recent Reads

These are my recent reads. I am still in a Paranormal or Fantasy reading mood. It will be that way for a while. 🙂

The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove by Lauren Kate

I needed to read her other book because I loved Fallen! Anyway, this one was like a retelling of Macbeth. It was very creepy and nothing like the Fallen series. I though it was awesome, but tragic and sad. The ending was very twisted. To tell the truth, I would love to read more books like this.



Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey

This one is a retelling of Cinderella. I was really into reading re-tellings last week. I still am! I will be checking out other fairy tales retold soon. This one was ok. I didn’t particularly love it. I just think it could have been better. I wish more elements from the original story were left. It just wasn’t what I expected. Nothing was like the original and it just made it into a different story. What is the point of a retelling if it doesn’t have the elements that make the original story interesting? :/


Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

I’m really into the angels theme in novels so I decided to read this one. It was ok at first. I wasn’t totally loving it. But then after a while it got really good. All of a sudden, I couldn’t stop reading. The suspense was killing me and I needed to know more. The end was very sweet and I loved it! Now I can’t wait to read what happens next. Plus, there are still questions unanswered. 🙂

I recently read an article on Puerto Ricans and how they are not doing as well as other latinos in the states. I think it’s sad to categorize a whole ethnicity in this statement. Why? First, because I’m sure this is about a specific group of Puerto Ricans. This definitely does not mean the entire population. Second, it’s about the ones who live in the states. Most of these people haven’t even been to the island. I wouldn’t consider them entirely Puerto Rican. Anyway, the article says that Puerto Ricans do poorly in school, do not work, and live below the poverty line. Again, I don’t think a whole race should be judged from just a specific group. Yes, I know many people who have dropped out of school. But I also know many who are taking a higher education and want to make something of themselves. We are in university for a reason, aren’t we? To complete a higher education and get a good job. I think most of the Puerto Ricans that don’t do as well in the states—it’s because they live off the government. And by doing so, they’re also giving a bad name to the rest of us who are hard workers. I am most definitely saddened by the negative stereotyping there is about our race, just because of a small group of people. But I also know this happens with all races, and sadly, people will continue to be close-minded and think whatever they want.