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Introducing Me

My kitten Guimi.

Hello fellow visitors. My name is Jennifer Gonzalez, but everyone calls me Jennie. I have many ideas to write about, and hopefully this blog will be a perfect medium for it. I have met some really cool people in college, whose writing I would describe as poetic. Mine is really not like that, but I don’t think it’s too bad. I enjoy letting my opinion be known, and will be doing so with this blog. I have also written some fiction, but I think it’s mostly boring. I do have many ideas that I would love to develop into short stories in the future. I’m currently in my third year of college, with hopes of going to Law School in the future. I love anything crime related—be it books, games, movies or series. Some of my favorite crime-related series are: Women’s Murder Club, Ace Attorney, and CSI. Those series keep me motivated in finishing college so I can complete my dream of becoming a prosecutor. My hobbies are pretty typical. I enjoy watching TV, listening to music and reading. I don’t watch as much television when I’m in college, but I like watching Disney Channel and MTV when I have the time. I love music of all genres and languages. I can like an English language artist just as much as a Korean or even a Malaysian artist. I like discovering new music from all around the world. I also love reading books from all genres. I enjoy non-fiction just as much as fiction. Memoirs are tricky because of all the fabrication happening these past few years, but I enjoy reading them. I love them because they offer an insight into another person’s life and their world.  Young Adult is another type of fiction I enjoy reading. I have a pretty nice collection, which keeps growing. I don’t think I will ever outgrow Young Adult fiction. I love anything related to Asia, especially reading about Ancient China, Japan, and Korea. Also, I love watching Asian dramas and listening to k-pop. They’re so much fun! A dream of mine is to travel to Asia. Hopefully it’ll come true. One last thing, I am a cat person. I have 4 beautiful cats and I love them. They’re the cutest pets ever! My cats are: Almendra, Mitzie, Leelo, and Guimi. They are like my babies and great companions in the saddest moments. These are pretty much the basics about me. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Fun tidbit: There’s a Nick Jonas song with this title.


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