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I have recently encountered what is one of the saddest shows I’ve seen on television. It’s called Bridalplasty, and women compete for their “perfect celebrity style wedding” and plastic surgery. I am appalled that such a show exists. I couldn’t believe when I first heard of it. I thought it was joke. These women are already getting married and they want to change who they are. What’s funny is that the winning bride will get to walk down the aisle to see her husband for the first time after the whole deal. I would like to see his reaction! These women obviously have self-esteem issues. Some of them already look Barbie doll perfect and they’re still on the show for some reason. What’s sad is that the women who need their plastic surgery are the ones being eliminated by the selfish ones. An example was contestant Jessica who had parts of her breasts removed with cysts she had. I get her point and would have liked for her to compete, but she was eliminated by the rest because she was tough competition. It was sad seeing instead a woman get a nose job or a breast implant. Another contestant, Jaimie, was only in it for the wedding. She had married her husband in court so that her mother could be there (she was dying of cancer). She had dreamed of a beautiful wedding, and she wasn’t really interested in the plastic surgery. Of course, the contestants eliminated her as she was tough competition. They decided to keep someone who just wanted the plastic surgery. This show shows such an ugly side of women. Most of them are selfish and disgust me. It’s sad that the ones who I actually think have a reason to be there get eliminated by the selfish ones. Another thing I hate is the fact that the host says the following every time someone gets eliminated: “I’m sorry. Your wedding will still go on, but it won’t be perfect.” Who gives her the right to say that? Seriously, this show is disgusting and sad.

Shows like this one are giving women an awful message. Perfection is not looking like a Barbie clone. It’s feeling beautiful and confident on the inside.



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Chinese Slave Factory

I recently read an article about Chinese police investigating a Chinese factory for their slave-like conditions. They were treating workers as slaves. These workers were found to have mental disabilities. I find this whole deal inhumane. How dare they use people who can’t possibly know that they have been used? This is not the first time these work conditions have been found in China. The report says the workers were not paid, and they didn’t even have protective gear for their jobs. That means they were in conditions where they could be in danger, and their “bosses” didn’t even care. These workers were sold to the factory by a “charitable organization”. I wonder what type of person would do either, sell workers or treat them as slaves. I find it sad that they’re treating human beings as objects of trade.  It’s scary how many unfair things are going on in the world. We usually have minor problems in our country, and we find life unfair. But then an article like this one comes along, and it opens our eyes. There are people out there who are seriously living a sheltered life. They are suffering awful living and working conditions. The boss of the factory has disappeared. I hope the authorities find him because people like him should not roam free around the world. He should be jailed for treating people badly.

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There has been a lot of controversy over Wikileaks in the past few weeks. To tell the truth, this is a difficult subject. This organization leaks important and confidential documents to the public. On one side, this is good because I believe we all have a right to know if shady things are going on in the government. Thanks to this organization, we see a different side of the government. A side filled with unethical and shady activities. On another side, this practice is obviously illegal. I wouldn’t leak anything if I had my hands on any government document. I would be scared to do so because I think they would go to great lengths to get rid of people who do that. I am not paranoid or anything, but I definitely think the government has many tools to deal with this kind of people. Another thing that bothers me about Wikileaks is the representative Julian Assange. Even if he is “helping” the world with this Wikileaks organization, he looks and sounds like a shady guy. He defends the whole practice, but he himself is currently in jail. He has been charged with sexual offenses.  I wouldn’t trust such a guy. He seems like a creepy person. There is currently a “cyberwar” in favor of Wikileaks thanks to its supporters. A lot of people support the organization, and I guess it’s better than supporting a shady government. I’ll keep reading the news to see what this whole deal ends up in.

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