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I recently read an article on Puerto Ricans and how they are not doing as well as other latinos in the states. I think it’s sad to categorize a whole ethnicity in this statement. Why? First, because I’m sure this is about a specific group of Puerto Ricans. This definitely does not mean the entire population. Second, it’s about the ones who live in the states. Most of these people haven’t even been to the island. I wouldn’t consider them entirely Puerto Rican. Anyway, the article says that Puerto Ricans do poorly in school, do not work, and live below the poverty line. Again, I don’t think a whole race should be judged from just a specific group. Yes, I know many people who have dropped out of school. But I also know many who are taking a higher education and want to make something of themselves. We are in university for a reason, aren’t we? To complete a higher education and get a good job. I think most of the Puerto Ricans that don’t do as well in the states—it’s because they live off the government. And by doing so, they’re also giving a bad name to the rest of us who are hard workers. I am most definitely saddened by the negative stereotyping there is about our race, just because of a small group of people. But I also know this happens with all races, and sadly, people will continue to be close-minded and think whatever they want.


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My latest reads

I thought I’d post on this blog about books which I’ve recently read. Even though I am not a Lit major, I love reading books! I enjoy all types of books, but I have been taking a class focused on Paranormal fiction. That means most of the latest books I’ve read are about this. Also, I’m very much into YA fiction lately. 🙂 These are my latest reads:

Fallen by Lauren Kate

This book got me hooked on the theme of angels!! Now I have 3 more books about angels on the way. They are: Hush Hush, Crescendo & Halo. I can’t wait to read them. Anyway, Fallen was a great read. I got it on Saturday and finished it the same day. It was that interesting! It was very fast paced to me and I absolutely loved it. Reading about angels was a new experience for me.



Torment by Lauren Kate

Of course, I got the sequel to Fallen. It was great, but not as fast paced as Fallen. It took me a while to finish. But this one had more angel related themes to it. There were nephilim, and parts related to Sodoma. The ending was so awesome and now I can’t wait for Passion which is due out 2011!!



Dracula by Bram Stoker

It was definitely creepy. I liked the way it was written– in journals. I wasn’t that fond of the ending though. It was kind of cheesy. I was expecting something different.

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A college senior trashed her roommate’s apartment on April of this year. UPR RUM senior Jessica made a mess of Jennifer’s apartment, leaving trash all over the place. She even smashed eggs on her bed which left a nasty trail. She then left the scene while leaving the door unlocked. College student Jennifer says she is shocked at her roommate’s actions. When asked why would her roommate do such a thing, she mentioned having “complicated differences”. Jennifer had been receiving threats from her roommate for about three months, but she had not let anyone other than her family and friends know. She met Jessica a year ago, on her freshman year. They decided to move into an apartment together because they were friends. They also moved in together to save money. They had many things in common, but on January they had a falling out. Jennifer says it was mostly difference in opinions and money problems from Jessica’s part. She also mentioned Jessica acting weird. When asked what happened after the incident, Jennifer said: “Who knows what happened to Jessica in the end? She just vanished.” There is no known information of the whereabouts of Jessica.

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I think the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy is awful. It is discriminating how if your sexual orientation is different, you can’t even talk about it with anyone. If you’re working for the Army—let’s say in another country, of course anyone would want to talk about their close people. What with being away from them and “alone”. It’s sad how the government is so close minded, they can’t still deal with homosexuals. They are just like everyone else, and they have the right to speak just like everyone! It’s not only the communication part, but that by being outed they’re at risk of being fired. Take Jonathan’s case. Just by being outed by someone, he was fired from his job. How awful can the government be that they can just take away a person’s job just because they’re gay? It wasn’t just him but more than 14,000 members in the last decade. Now that’s just sad. I wonder what’s the reason the government has for “banning” gay members of the force. Is it only prejudice or is it because of possible peers in the army that can be “scared” of the gay members? Homophobes who might not want them around– I think that’s their reason. I think they’re afraid of these types of members—that they might not join the army. Afraid that the number of army members will lower, which I think it’s sad. We still live in a close minded society where sexual orientation means being below.

ETA: Just read it’s been banned! That’s great!

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Gay Suicide

One of the hot topics lately has been that over the past few weeks many gay teens have committed suicide. I am very saddened and shocked by this. I am the type of person who believes everyone has equal rights. No one should be judged by their sexual preference, and yet all these young kids are killing themselves for a reason. The harassment, bad treatment— bullying from those who deem them unworthy of living. I think it’s sad that this advanced world still has an archaic mind. I have many gay friends and I know the suffering they go through— even from their own family. And then outside people also harass them or do extreme things like Mr. Clementi’s friend. There’s a limit on how far things should go. Clementi’s roommate, Ravi, just went too far causing another death. Other cases of suicide these past weeks have been Asher Brown and Billy Lucas. Both of these teens suffered from bullying, and in both cases the bullying had to do with sexual preference. Why do people feel the need to criticize homosexuals? It’s like that phrase “That’s so gay”, which people use to talk about something lame. I am shocked at how some people think homosexuals are of less worth. As I said before about bullying, I wish there were more laws that dealt with this type of situation. But more importantly, I wish there were more people who actually enforce these laws. Because I think a law is worthless if people still think the same.

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I recently read an article about a young homosexual, Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide because he was bullied. What shocked me the most was the role the internet had in this situation. The young man killed himself after classmates posted a video of him having sex with a man online. This is not the first case either. Phoebe Price was another teen who committed suicide because of cyber bullying. With the birth of websites like Facebook and Myspace, bullying has gone up a step. Now kids can do bullying with added anonymity. What strikes me is how there is no way to stop or blame someone for such awful actions. What with the internet being so vast and anonymous it is difficult to punish the proper person. I think the government should create new laws to punish properly cyber bullying. We cannot let this new form of bullying keep taking lives. I find it disheartening how people can just say “Oh, it’s just on the internet. Don’t take it seriously”. How about those who suffer? I’m pretty sure they take it to heart. I am a person who is very sentimental and gets hurt easily. I know, for a fact, that comments in social networks can hurt deeply. I don’t just want to sit and watch lives being taken each day due to improper use of communication networks. I really hope the government and media take this topic more seriously because lives are wasted everyday due to their carelessness.

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