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I read an article recently on a popular mom-blogger who’s been posting about her kids since they were born. This particular mother had been having problems with her child not wanting to be photographed anymore.  It raised concern within me. Why would people go to the extent of showing the whole world their kid’s lives? Where has privacy gone? This poor kid is suffering because of this. I know for one that I do not like my mother writing about me on Facebook and I am a grown up. One thing, how safe is it to post pictures of a baby and details about them? Anyone can use this information to do harm to a kid. For example: kidnapping. They can call out to the child as if they knew them, even using favorite items as a tool. Second, what will happen when said kid enters the awkward pre-teen/teen phase? I, as a teen, definitely did not like my parents being all up in my business. I can just imagine the type of bullying these children will suffer at school, plus the embarrassment of the whole world knowing about them. Yes, the mother makes a lot of money with her blog, but at a cost. The blog can end up causing her problems with her children, and no mother would want such a thing. These things should be done with permission of the person involved. And it’s just wrong to post about a young child. At least wait until they’re older and know what you’re doing! I just hope this particular mother wizens up and realizes the harm she has done to her child. This should be considered exploitation.


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When I first read the article about Angelina Jolie’s kid I thought “What if she/he is an hermaphrodite?” What if they knew from the beginning and started raising her in a way, but realized she wanted to be another. I think this would make more sense. If it isn’t because of this, then I think this child has identity issues from a young age. I don’t think parents should change her. They should take her to a psychologist so that they can know what’s really happening. What bothers me the most is how cool they are with the whole situation. If it were me, I would be freaking out if my child was acting like the opposite sex. Because of that was that I thought of the hermaphrodite issue. If it were that, I would understand better. I just find the whole thing weird. There’s tomboy and then there’s acting like the opposite sex. This kid even wants to have a boy name. She sees herself as one. I think she needs counseling. If she continues like this, she will probably never see herself as a woman. Other than that, I think that if she goes to school she will probably be bullied. This can even cause more psychological issues on her. Even if she’s homeschooled, her siblings will probably feel weird around her. Kids think differently than adults. Another thing that annoys me is that her parents just go along with it. They shouldn’t do what she says because that will make her a spoiled child too.

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Introducing Me

My kitten Guimi.

Hello fellow visitors. My name is Jennifer Gonzalez, but everyone calls me Jennie. I have many ideas to write about, and hopefully this blog will be a perfect medium for it. I have met some really cool people in college, whose writing I would describe as poetic. Mine is really not like that, but I don’t think it’s too bad. I enjoy letting my opinion be known, and will be doing so with this blog. I have also written some fiction, but I think it’s mostly boring. I do have many ideas that I would love to develop into short stories in the future. I’m currently in my third year of college, with hopes of going to Law School in the future. I love anything crime related—be it books, games, movies or series. Some of my favorite crime-related series are: Women’s Murder Club, Ace Attorney, and CSI. Those series keep me motivated in finishing college so I can complete my dream of becoming a prosecutor. My hobbies are pretty typical. I enjoy watching TV, listening to music and reading. I don’t watch as much television when I’m in college, but I like watching Disney Channel and MTV when I have the time. I love music of all genres and languages. I can like an English language artist just as much as a Korean or even a Malaysian artist. I like discovering new music from all around the world. I also love reading books from all genres. I enjoy non-fiction just as much as fiction. Memoirs are tricky because of all the fabrication happening these past few years, but I enjoy reading them. I love them because they offer an insight into another person’s life and their world.  Young Adult is another type of fiction I enjoy reading. I have a pretty nice collection, which keeps growing. I don’t think I will ever outgrow Young Adult fiction. I love anything related to Asia, especially reading about Ancient China, Japan, and Korea. Also, I love watching Asian dramas and listening to k-pop. They’re so much fun! A dream of mine is to travel to Asia. Hopefully it’ll come true. One last thing, I am a cat person. I have 4 beautiful cats and I love them. They’re the cutest pets ever! My cats are: Almendra, Mitzie, Leelo, and Guimi. They are like my babies and great companions in the saddest moments. These are pretty much the basics about me. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Fun tidbit: There’s a Nick Jonas song with this title.

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